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11. Under the name: “THE INTERNATIONAL LEAGUE OF NATIONAL SOCIETIES FOR THE PROTECTION OF CULTURAL PROPERTY” (named later the KGS - LIGA) is functioning, on a limitless period, a nationals societies’ organization for the protection of cultural property.

12. The KGS - LIGA is a non-governmental organization (NGO) politically and confesionally neutral, who doesn’t fallow the financials objectives. The KGS - LIGA is an organization who works after the Switzer’s law, being valids the disposal of the art. 60ff from the Switzer Civil Code. The judicial headquarter of the KGS - LIGA is at Fribourg/Switzerland.

13. The central headquarter of the KGS - LIGA is at Fribourg/Switzerland. The Secretariate of the KGS - LIGA is assured by the Switzer National Society for the Protection of Cultural Property (SNSCPP).


21. The KGS - LIGA sustains and encourage the activities of the national societies for the protection of cultural property, functioning after the Haga Convention about the protection of cultural property in the army conflicts, from 14th of May 1954, those of the additionals protocols as well as international law’s disposals in reference to the protection of cultural property in peace and army conflicts. It publish the agreements and is trying to obtain the ratification and universally respect. It sustain the groups who founds others nationals societies for the protection of cultural property. It makes studies concerning the efficient modalities for the protection of cultural property and informs the interested instances by the results. In addition it offers the services as an repport and conference organ.

22. The KGS - LIGA encourage the international experience change, as well as the civil and military experts’ implication for organizing lectures and practically applications.

23. The KGS - LIGA takes care about the internationally coordinating of it’s members for the protection of cultural property's activity.

24. The KGS - LIGA has relations with others international organizations involved in the protection of cultural property (UNESCO, ICOMOS, ICOM, Europarat a.s.o.) as well as with the established instances through the Haga Convention and it’s additionals protocols.

25. The KGS - LIGA organizes international symposiums and helps the national organizations for mediating the importance of the protection of cultural property.


The member quality can be obtained by any non-governmental (NGO) national society for the protection of cultural property.


41. The costs for the working period are supported by the national society which has named the chairman. The national societies are invited to sustain the fulfilment for this loads with an yearly contribution, wich will be proposed by the Konvent.

42. The bigger projects’costs will be coordinated by the central leadership of the CPP and will be separately discounted.


The CPP-LEAGUE’S organs are:
51. The konvent
52. The central leadership: with the secretary and the questor (chasier)
53. The financial service
54. The financial inspectors


61. The Konvent is the supreme KGS organ. It is composed from the officially delegations of the societies’ members.

62 The Konvent will be leaded by the central KGS - LIGA chairman.

63. The Konvent’s convocation is done bye the chairman, in exceptionally cases by one of the vice chairman to the two societies’ members proposing with at least 90 days before the meeting and minimum once/year.

64. The Konvent can take decisions with a majority societies’ members presence. Each union has the one-vote right.

65. The Konvent’s decisions will be adopted with a simply majority. The decisions with financial consequences for some societies’ members are valid, only if the absent societies’s members have given later the hand writing agreement.

66. The members, who want to discuss about a certain theme (“Traktandum”) to the Konvent, must present to the leadership the wanted theme in hand writing with maximum 30 days before the meeting date.

67. The Konvent have the followings rights and obligations:
671 The chairman’s confirmation, the new central leadership’s members and financial inspector’s confirmation.
672. It decides about the projects’ financing.
673.It decides about the statute’s modifications with a 2/3 majority, including the founders states’ vote. (Austria, Germany, Italy, Switzerland).
674. It decides about the strategic KGS activity and in point of the presented themes (“ traktandum”) to the chairman.
675. It decides about the members’ admission and exclusion, with a 2/3 majority.
676. It decides about a possibly KGS - LIGA dissolution.


71. The leadership is consisted of: the chairman, two vicechairmans, the secretary and one questor. They have KGS - LIGA leading obligation.

72. The leadership’s continuity is assured through a rotation system.
721. The first vice chairman’s appointment will be confirmed bye the Konvent. The associations who will name the vice chairman must be a KGS-LIGA member since at least 4 years. The seat period is for 2 years, after that he becomes the chairman.
722. The chairman will be confirmed for 2 years by the Konvent. After this time, he remains as a leader member for another 2 years having the vice chairman function.

73. The central leadership leads the KGS - LIGA after the Konvent’s strategic proposals and takes decisions about the activities wich are not included in the Konvent’s attributions. It sustain the KGS - LIGA interests in foreign participation.

74. The central leadership makes proposals about the member’s admission and exclusion ( with the exclusion’s motivation), both only with the Konvent’s approval. (See Pkt.675).

75. The central leadership’s convocation is done by the chairman. If it is possibly, after the possibilities, some societies’ meetings may be used for sustaining the central leadership’s meeting.

76. For discussing some special problems, the central leadership can convene one or more meetings and where can participate other members who are not in the leadership. If this includes extra costs wich are not in the KGS - LIGA budget, will be supported by the central leadership’s societies.

77. The secretary and the questor will be named by that society who has named the central chairman. As part of central leadership, they don’t have the vote- right.
771. The secretary have the task to lead the Konvent’s and the central leadership’s meetings. He makes copies - after the correspondence, after the protocol’s meetings as well as after others important papers - for the headquarter.
772. The cashier’s occupation is to lead the book-keeping. The financial year starts with 1st of January and it ends with 31st of December. The cashier must present the balance until the 1st of March to the inspectors, then to the financial service.


The Switzer National Society for the Protection of Cultural Property ( SNSCPP ) leads the KGS - LIGA activity. The address of the headquarter is identically with the SNSCPP’s address. The financial service gives the correspondence to the league’s chairman. He is the authority who archives the approved documents by the KGS - LIGA. This is achieved by the applicaded stipulations of the national switzer’ archives


91. The financial inspectors are proposed to the Konvent by the Switzer National Society for THE PROTECTION OF CULTURAL PROPERTY. They are chosed for 2 years.
92. They must have professionally studies for this position.
93. They verifies the expenditure’s special projects and they must present a report to the Konvent.
94. The expediture’s verification in the presidency period will be achieved by the national society.


The CPP-LEAGUE doesn’t bear the travel’s costs and the delegations’ risks.
The society wich organise the Konvent’s and the leadership’s meetings, bears the accommodation’s prices for at least two delegates/society.


111. Each member has the free-will right respecting an eventual withdrawal.
112. The voluntary withdrawal will be realised after 30 days from the hand writing presentation to the League’s chairman. The association’s obligations until that moment will be valid.


121. For the CPP-LEAGUE’s dissolution it’s necessary an approval from at least 2/3 of members. This number must include some of the founding members (Austria, Germany, Italy, and Switzerland). This approval can be sended in hand writing.

122. If there are certains values in the case of dissolution, these will be equally divided to the members and will be used for certains purposes as well as those showed to the art. 2.

The present statute replace the Establishment Convention from 13th of May 1997, being accepted by the Konvent, KGS - LIGA from04.05.2004 at Fribourg.

In the case of some interpretation’s problems, is valid the German text.